Company Brief

Mr. Bhushan M Gandhi (Managing Director) has joined the company in 2013 and formed a new division for procurement of Speciality Chemicals. By following his directions, we have made collaborations with many new suppliers which led to the development of six new divisions- Food & Pharma Chemicals, Coatings, Polymers, Cosmetics, Organic Chemicals and Inorganic Chemicals, Texture Paints.

With our strong commitment and untiring efforts, we have developed a strong network of customers and suppliers in India & foreign countries. The extremely tremendous monthly volume growth of the company- 100 MT to 3000 MT enabled us to develop strong marketing network. Through the continuous improvements in the quality of our products like as Texture Paints, we are serving over 400 customers from different segments in the best possible manner.


  • Trust & Loyalty- These are our two main guiding principles. We have complete trust in the collective efforts and capabilities of our employees & policies of our company. Furthermore, we are loyal towards our customers, partners & stakeholders which makes our company more successful.
  • Core Values- Dedication, transparency, integrity and sincerity are our core values which ensures sustainable growth.


We want to be acknowledge as a dominant Supplier of both the Specialty and Commodity Chemicals through our commitment, performance, people and core values.


We always create employee friendly working environment and encourage teamwork so to deliver our best to the company, clients and suppliers.

Our Principal Company and their Products

S. No.

Principal Company



Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd., India

Phthalic Anhydride, Phthalimide, Malic Acid, Fumaric Acid


Optimistic Organic Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

Maleic Anhydride


Gharda Chemicals Ltd., India

High Performance Pigments


Dhanveen Pigments Pvt. Ltd., India

Phthalocyanine Pigments


Expanded Polymers Systems Pvt. Ltd., India

Polyurathane Polyol, Shoesole Polyol PPG, Propylene Oxide, Prepolymer


Chromadex Inc., USA

Reference Standard – Primary, Secondary and Reagent Grade


Kumar Organic Products Ltd., India

Triclosan, Pullulan, Pyrithione, Minoxidil, Tcc, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin, Pcmx, Hexyl Resorcinol


Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd., India

Pigment Dispersions – Polyfast / Flexonyl Ff, Chloranil

Waxes, Flame Retardants, Lubricants, Antistatic Agent


Mitsubishi Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd., Japan

(Mitsubishi Chemical Food Corporation)

Carbon Black (Pigment Grade), Conductive Carbon Black

Erythritol, Bacillus Coagulans, Fatty Acid Amide, TAIC


ALCE International Srl., Italy

Dairy Cultures – Dahi Culture, Yoghurt Culture, Cheese Culture


Nutracare International, India

Encapsulated Ferrous Fumarate, Vitamin-Mineral Premix


Probiotical Healthcare Srl., Italy

Probiotic Culture– Bifidobacterium Strains, Lactobacillus Strains and Streptococcus Thermophiles & Their Blends


Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd., India

Mixed Metal Oxide Pigments


Iberchem India Pvt Ltd, India

Flavours & Fragrance


Silvateam S.P.A., Italy



Adm India Pvt Ltd, USA

Citric Acid, Fructose, Sorbitol


Alkem Laboratories Ltd

Fructo Oligosaccharide (FOS)


Shalibhadra Intermediates Pvt Ltd, India

Sodium Sulphite, Sodium Meta Bisulphite, EDTA


Tata Chemical Ltd (on Promotional Basis)

Nano Zinc Oxide


Synthite Industries

Oleoresin, Essential Oils And Extracts


Godrej Industries, India

Lubelic 20/75, Glycerine, Fatty Acid Ester, Palmitic Acid


Salvi Chemicals Ind. Ltd., India

Sodium Saccharine, Ferrous Fumarate, Methyl Anthranilate, Selenium Dioxide


Unity Dyechem Pvt Ltd, India

AZO Pigments

  • Phyalic Anhydride (PAN)
  • Malic Anydride
  • Fumeric Acid
  • Texture Paints
  • Poly Propylene Glycol
  • Poly Ethylene Glycol
  • Organic Pigment
  • High Performance Pigments
  • Adipic Acid
  • Malic Acid
  • Acrylic Polyol
  • Emulsifiers
  • Surfactants
  • Caustic Soda Flex
  • Caustic Soda Lye
  • Chlorine (HCL)
  • Sodium Sulphite
  • Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite
  • Sodium Bi Sulphite
  • Phosphates
Synthite Industries Ltd.
  • Value Added Spice Extracts (Oleoresins)
  • Essential Oils
  • Lutein and Marigold
  • Green Spice Extracts
  • Herbal Extracts
  • Tea & Coffee Extracts
  • Floral Extracts
  • Vanilla Extracts
  • Dried Fruit Extracts
  • Natural Colours
  • Natural Antioxidants
  • Natural Flavours
  • Roasted & Fried Flavours
  • Liquid Seasonings
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Phytochemicals
  • Resinoids
  • Supercritical CO2 Extracts
  • Encapsulated & Spray Dried
  • Granules & Beadlets
  • Cold Crafted Products
  • Carbon black
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Propylene Oxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Zinc Pyrithione
  • Pullulan
  • Triclosan
  • Benzophenone
  • Thirumalia Chemicals Ltd
  • Aditya Birla Group Thailand Ltd
  • Meghmani Group of Industries
  • Expanded Polymers Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Optimistic Organic SDN BHD
  • Dhanveen Pigments Pvt Ltd
  • Mitsubishi Chemical India Pvt Ltd.
  • Kumar organic products Limited.
  • Dow Chemicals Ltd (Authorised Distributor)
  • Tata Chemicals Ltd.
  • Parikh Enterprises PVT LTD.  (Authorised Distributor)

Quality Policy and Vendor Base

We are offering our clients with highly effective with accurately composed chemicals like Malic Acid, Poly Propylene Glycol, Caustic soda flex, Chlorine (HCL) Acrylic Polyol, Maleic Anhydride, Phthalic Anhydride,Texture Paints and many more. Our aim is to provide only safe and superior quality chemicals to our world wide customers. We procure these chemicals only from reliable and quality stricken vendors of the market. After the procurement of these chemicals we inspect the quality of these chemicals on various parameters before supplying them in the market.

Packaging, Storing and Transportation

We are very careful about the quality of the chemicals we deliver in the market therefore, to protect our chemicals from adulteration and impurities, we properly pack them in moisture free and air tight containers and other excellent quality packaging materials. We have also developed a wide, spacious and clean warehouse facility for proper storage of these chemicals. We have a wide distribution network and to deliver the Texture Paints on time to our valuable clients we have a very efficient transport facility.


The company is having a team of enthusiastic and passionate employees who are very sincere towards their jobs thus, try to accomplish the allotted tasks on scheduled time and work in a coordinated manner with each other. The professionals have been assigned work according to their area of specialization and are highly experienced & trained. With the help, support and hard work of our team members we have been able to establish a reputed and strong position in the global market. Our team members are appreciated and motivated from time to time to perform better.